Is there/will there be a 'beat grid' for Djay???

I run Djay on both my iMac and iPhone. I mix mainly drum and bass and breakbeat and have a lot of issues with Djay’s auto sync feature. I have no issue with it detecting a track at 87bpm instead of 174bpm - simple, just hit double time. However, some tracks are detected at around the 137bpm mark which is very awkward. Also, Djay often mistakes the snare - usually 2nd beat - for the 1st beat. This throws everything out when you try to sync. Could Djay not create a more precise manual ‘beat grid’ (as in some other apps) that could even run as a standalone programme in order to deal with these troublesome tracks? Simply overlaying and stretching a grid over a waveform of the track? This is by the way, my only gripe. Djay is otherwise awesome. No other software comes close in this price bracket. Many thanks.

Yeah good question David. I’m totally with you on how great djay is, but beatgrids and some more detail in the waveforms would be nice.