Issue after update to os17 - Vestax spin2

Hi there,

after update to os17 on my ipad, my old buddy vestax spin2 can’t be recognised by the ipad.
Connection via USB to lighting.
The cable is ok, because when i plug a memory stick all work fine.
When i plug VESTAX to os16 device - all work fine as well.
So there is some bug in midi driver regarding Vestax spin2 hardware.
If You have it and will to work on it - do not upgrade to 17.

Any ideas to get the controller working?

Hi @Wojtek_K, welcome to the community.

  1. Please disconnect the Vestax Spin 2 from your iPad.
  2. Close djay Pro AI.
  3. Perform a Forced Restart of your iPad:
  4. Launch djay Pro AI.
  5. Connect your Vestax Spin 2 to your iPad.

Hi Slak_Jaw.
it doesn’t work.
Under ios 16 all is fine under 17…no action
i think there’s sonething wrong from Apple side…

Hi @Wojtek_K, thank for the info. That is strange and does sound like an iOS issue, however, we haven’t heard anything similar to this from other users with different hardware.

  1. Are you using and official Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter (Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter - Apple)? There are known issues with some 3rd party adapters.
  2. Is the Apple adapter also connected to power with the original Apple power brick and cable? Can you confirm that the iPad is charging when the Spin 2 and adapter are connected?

it is a 3rd party connector.
i can see it in iOS 17 under Settings -…- Dock
it works fine with usb memory sticks under iOS 17
it charchinging without any issues
it works under ios 16 on my iphone with Your software and vestax perfect.
The issue is started after update to ios17
i ordered already a 30pin to lighting connector because vestax have this old option as well (+usb)
so i will try to connect with it. Hope it will solve the problem.
Otherwise i have to think about a new hardware for mixing.
I will also speak with Apple about it.
Best regards…
and a full sock of sweets today for Evryone :santa:

Today i made following test:
Ipad 17.2 beta + lighting/usb + Vestax = not working
Ipad 17.1 official + lighting/usb + Vestax = not working
Iphone 16.7.2 + lighting/usb + Vestax = working fine
it seems that the issue are some system”drivers” for Vestax -i’m pretty sure.
Wait for my new adapter
If no change I will have to chamge my controller…
But Vestax is masterpiece….

Thanks for the update @Wojtek_K. Unfortunately, we don’t have that specific hardware to test ourselves since it has been discontinued for a LONG time. Here’s hoping the official Apple adapter solves the issue.

hi there

…that was a time to change the setup
Now i have a new BUDDY
from reloop and all woring fine…additionaly few extra festures…

That’s great to hear. Thanks for letting us know.

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Hi All
the issue with Vestax Spin2 is solved
The problem was 3rd party camera adapter (lighting to usb)
With iPad10 and normal cable usb-c to usb-b all working fine
so if You have ipad 10 or newer or any Pro with usb-c IT is compatible
regards and happy
full of good music x-mass :sunglasses:

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That’s great to hear @Wojtek_K. I had a feeling. Thanks for letting us know.

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