issue with Sampler Output on SRT1000 When Using Crossfader

Hello everyone,

I’m encountering a problem with my sampler functionality on the SRT1000 controller. Specifically, when I move the crossfader completely to the right and then activate the sampler using the right pad, no sound is emitted through the master output. However, if I shift the crossfader to the left and then use the right side pad, the FX can be heard as expected. It seems that the left side operates correctly unless the crossfader is fully moved to the right. Is there a setting or a workaround that allows the sampler effects to operate independently of the crossfader’s position?

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

I’ll assume you mean DDJ-1000SRT

What’s your audio config? Please post a screenshot.

@PKtheDJ Yes, my apologies for the typo; I meant the DDJ-1000SRT.

Interestingly, when I connected my laptop today to capture screenshots of the settings as you requested, I found that the effects are now functioning correctly without being influenced by the position of the crossfader. Nonetheless, I have attached the settings screenshots below for your review. Please let me know if there’s anything that looks off or if there’s anything I should adjust. Thank you for your assistance!

Thanks, it was the mixer mode that I wanted to check. It’s set to external and the various outputs are all going to the correct places, so there shouldn’t be any issues.