Issue with sound coming through headphones for pre cueing

Hi there I have just downloaded djay pro for windows and am using a pioneer we-go 3, everything works fine except there is no sound coming through on my headphones for pre cueing the master, A & B button do not seem to put and music through so I’m unable to pre cue any music, please help ?

Hey there,

after installing the Creators update all midi controllers which are plug and play in the Mac version are working out of the box with Windows as well.
Please make sure the Creators update is installed via the following link.

Lukas E.

Algoriddim do not have any pre cue functionality in Djay Pro for Windows - an incredibly irritating oversight that makes the software near worthless.

I am having trouble splitting as well. I bought a Traktor DJ splitter cable and it worked for a brief moment perfectly and now refuses to split.