Issues remapping on DDJ-FLX4

Hi there. I’m using a DDJ-FLX4 alongside djayPRO on macOS, and have been working on customising a number of the keys. I’ve been having two issues:

  • Certain keys don’t appear/aren’t selected in the midi mapping list when pressed. It seems to just be the Shift+Sampler pads when pressed normally (if I press Shift+pads they’re detected fine!)

  • A couple keys do show up in the midi mapping, but even when assigning them an action, they don’t actually have any effect. Specifically, I was planning on using the Smart CFX (CC 81) and Smart Fader (CC 3) buttons to toggle reverse and slip mode, respectively, and I think I’ve done that correctly (target selected deck; assign respective action; ensure the control type is set to a button that toggles, although I’ve also tried hold). I’ve tried the MIDI out settings too, although with no luck.

It all feels like it should work - I’ve managed to remap a bunch of the pads - but I’m pretty new to this, so I’m not sure if I’m missing something, or if it just doesn’t work. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!

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Unfortunately, the official Algoriddim mapping for the FLX4 does some voodoo behind the scenes that cannot be customized by the user. Whenever you see a CC mapping, that’s a good sign that they’re doing something internally and blocking some MIDI commands from being used with that button/pad/midi control.

I have a custom FLX4 mapping built from scratch, using what is publicly available inside djay Pro (meaning no internal/proprietary CC commands). Many MIDI commands that are not available/usable in the built-in mapping – work fine in the custom FLX4 mapping. In fact, a ton of extra commands are available in the “Unofficial” mapping.

DDJ-FLX4 (Unofficial2.9).djayMidiMapping (79.9 KB)

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Well, good to know it’s not just something I’m doing wrong at least! Thanks for the explanation :slight_smile:

The first problem I was having - shift+Sampler - is completely fixed in your custom mapping. Appreciate you re-sharing it, and your thread about the changes you’ve made is really helpful. Of course, the second thing I tried with the custom mapping was assigning reverse and slip modes to the new key references (C-1 and C#-1), but it still doesn’t work. Just to make sure I’m understanding then, is this to do with djay still recognising it’s one of the proprietary buttons on the controller, and therefore I can’t use those functions with those buttons regardless of if they are labelled as a CC or a note in the midi mapping?

great mapping, however two things are bothering me, the phone mix and cue button is activating the CUE button automatically when turning to the right, I tried to change this and I couldn’t, and also the button that activates the filter effects when activated is already activated even before turning the knobs.

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