Issues with iPad Air 2 and Reloop Beatpad 2, music search, spotify and touch effects

I have come across two major bugs while using DJay 2 with the titled setup all fully updated to the latest versions at the time of writing. Both different parts of the software cause the same issue/reaction of the software while using the touchscreen of the ipad when connected to the Beatpad 2.

The issue is it locks the ipad screen (music still playing), and when you press the button of the ipad and swipe to unlock, the app is not showing and the music instantly stops dead, but once you press the app to open it again the music comes back on where it left off.

This issue happens on the following i have encountered so far:

  1. while using the search bar in the top left during typing a song/artist name, touching a song in the selection box revealed, touching in the type box to erase text written. This happens intermittently when searching the music stored, but more so when searching Spotify

  2. while swiping around the touch FX screens for each deck when showing the waveforms not the turntables. This can also cause the app to crashout completely so the music stops instantly and the app just disappears.

These issues cannot be replicated when it is not connected to the reloop beatpad 2

These issues happened a couple of live gigs making me look like the guy trying to ruin the party atmosphere…

I’m on the verge of buying a Beatpad 2 for a friend of us to use with
Djay 2 + iPad 2
Could you please let me know if the issues you experienced have been solved to that day either by the support or the firmware upgrades?

Hey, I found one of the issues out to be a bad design issue where the screen was going blank and having to swipe to bring it back on. This issue is due to how the ipad sits at the back, its where the top close button is and if it moves to far to the right while in use it pushes against it. So as long as you keep it to the left when placing it in and keep an eye on it while its in there you should not get that issue. The Spotify/itunes track issues has not been resolved and is pretty bad, where after loading some tracks the physical deck and buttons are unresponsive. I don’t seem to have the issue with itunes tracks if I leave Spotify alone. Other than that it’s awesome :wink: