Issues with new XDj-RX2 support, cue point issue and a video issue

I noticed that the Pioneer XDJ-RX2 is now supported so I downloaded very excited…

First problem - no screen support. Yes the controls work, but NOTHING is transferred to the screen of the RX2. It is possible as Virtual DJ shows waveforms, playlists, current track etc so I am sure DJay Pro could. If it’s not fully supported then don’t bother saying it is.

My second issue is with the software itself, video in particular. When playing a video and the crossfader is in the middle, the transition is partly active (e.g. if you have it on blend, the video is darker, on cube and the transition starts to show). I don’t use a crossfader and always leave it in the middle, so how do I stop the transition being active when the crossfader is in the middle? Again, Virtual DJ doesn’t do this.

Also, when I set cue points and press the button not start from that cue point, the audio stops as soon as I let go of the button. The only was to get this to work it to press whilst the track is actually playing, then it will continue to play from the cue point. How do I get it to start playing from the cue point instantly when the track is paused? I tend to have my fader up, press the desired cue point to start. Obviously with this issue I can’t do this.

I hope for quicker responses than previously really if I’m to actually purchase this as my NTFS / FAT32 search issue still hasn’t been sorted.

Think it only works on a Mac

Come on Algoritm… what kind of suport do you have for the rx2? Give us some info!

How did you get this working. when I connect my powerbook nothing happens.
Just did all the updates

Hi Stuart,

Thanks for your reply.

I have a Mac powerbook.

When I connect to the RX nothing happens.

Did it worked for you by just connecting it with usb?

Thank you for reply