Issues with second-hand Numark iDJ pro and iPad 2nd Gen

Idj pro and my ipad 2nd generation and it wont let .e download the apps i need to make it all work, really disappointing start to djing. Please help this novis ?

Hi @Aftereden81,

  1. Can you please clarify what your issue is?
  2. Are you having trouble downloading Algoriddim djay Pro from the App Store?
  3. What iOS version are you using?

A 2nd Gen iPad is very old, The newest iOS it runs is ver 9.3.6
Slackjaw can verify, but you would need DJay2 to get it to work if it is still available on the app store.

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Bro has it got to be an ipad wont it run of android pad

Yes bang on bro, just banging me head against a brick wall. Bro this
jackdaw app if takes it? Can I get all the music I need of it. Techno,
trance d&m ect ?

Basically ive brought a numark idj pro. Not realising like an idiot it only
works on ipad…I have ipad 2nd generation. I cant download any apps I need
to get going. What apps still work on ipad 2 ?

Okay, thanks for clarifying. Unfortunately, I can’t be of much help to you. The older versions of djay are no longer supported and can only be redownloaded if you’ve purchased them previously.

They aren’t, so basically I’ve wasted all my money ? What a start to my dj
career and what a total anul nightmare. So you can’t use an android tablet
at all no ? Thanks guys , welcome to your world , i feel like I’ve been
punched in tge throat and the wallet already …perhaps thos is not ment to
be i. Gutted

@Aftereden81 here’s the list of supported hardware for Android.

However, there are limitations with some Android devices

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Unfortunately you did waste your money,
I have two of these controllers and they were great and were the start of my digital djaying,
If possible, I would ask for a refund…
If you are still interested in picking a relatively cheap controller,
I would look at the Reloop Buddy

What generation ipad would work
Bro ? All I need it for is the decks nothing else and just to get sings to
get going? I think this might be my cheapest option is getting another ipad
? Cheers budy

If you want to use Neural Mix / STEMS in djay Pro 5, we have some recommended iOS devices in this FAQ article:

However, I believe the Numark iDJ Pro uses the old Apple 30 pin connector so you will likely have challenges connecting and fitting newer iPads with Lightning and USB-C sockets.

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Unfortunately you’re problem isn’t so much with the iPad, but more with the Djay2 app,
If you didn’t have it originally,
Then its no longer available in the App Store so the iPad isn’t the issue, it’s the program as the idj Pro was specially designed to use with Djay 2 (originally djay)
There is another app which you can use which l believe still works with the idj pro however l think it needs to be midi mapped and it’s called DJ Player Professional…it’s in the App Store…

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This is true however the lighting to 30 pin connector adapter fixes that issue,

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Thanks for the additional information and input @maurizio_T!

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It has been asked in the past, but it would be good if this particular controller could be supported but Djay…
Especially as it has Algoriddim written all over the console…
I know it’s an old controller and has the 30pin connector but that could be overcome…
There are quite a few people out there that still have them and it was a pretty good controller, very reliable…
I never had one issue with it and actually bought a spare

Thanks guys ill try it, so I can get a connector from the 30 pin so it can
fit newer ipads ? And ill try that app…thanks guys

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