Issues with SMB Drive (macOS)

I just started a free trial of DJ pro and so far no good. The iPad version works fine but on the Mac, it’s just a mess. I frequently get 500 errors on Apple Music and when I tried to use local files (“My File”), at first the songs show up but without metadata and artwork, and then the whole app just beachballs. I rebooted and I got one song to play and then it crashed again.

This is very frustrating. I don’t understand how something this unreliable is to be used in a live environment.

To reproduce this issue, all I have to do is go to My Files, add a folder, try to play a song, and it’s toast.

To reproduce the 500 error, just use Apple Music for more than 2 minutes and it will show up. I have no other issues like this outside of DJ on my system. Thank you.

  • Device model MacBook Pro M2 Pro:*
  • Version of operating system 14.5:
  • Version of djay 5.17*:
  • Hardware/controllers used NONE*:

Hi @MadgeWeinstein, thanks for the details. This sounds like very unusual behavior especially given your hardware. Since your issues sound very repeatable, can you please try to capture a video of them, upload it to your Google Drive/Dropbox, enable sharing permissions, then share a link to the video here? This will help me to troubleshoot your particular issues. Thanks!

My first suggestion, based on your description of the issues, would be to uninstall djay, reboot and reinstall it.

I deleted including all preferences and rebooted then installed again but had same result. Nothing from local drives or network drives can be loaded into the decks. Only Apple Music streamed music plays. The local files that won’t play in DJ DO play in the finder.

What file format are your songs?

All different format but mostly mp3. Not DRM. I don’t have any problem playing them in Ableton. I’ll try to make a video

@MadgeWeinstein, to help us troubleshoot the crashes, please submit an Official Support Ticket using the procedure below so the engineering team can review your crash reports in more detail.

  1. Open the djay Pro app on your Mac.
  2. In the top left corner of your screen, click on the portion of the menu bar that says “djay Pro”.
  3. In the drop-down menu, click on the button that says “Provide djay Pro Feedback”.
  4. Fill out the submission form that will pop up in your default browser and title your email “ATTN: MARIE – “The Title of your Community Topic” in the provided subject line.

As I won’t have access to you crash reports, I’ll consider this community topic solved for now and let the official support team take over from here. However, feel free to share any other details about your crashes here that you think will be helpful in diagnosing the issue. Thanks!

ok here’s the video capture:DJ pro - Google Drive

I think I figured out the problem. Some of my music is on an SMB drive and when I load any file from that drive into DJ it breaks everything. Even local hard -drive files don’t play. I rebooted and connected the network drive with CIFS instead of SMB and so far everything is fine. This advice was per Chat GPT

Perfect. Thanks for the update.