Issues with Windows paid subscription

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I am using the pro version for windows. Why does it keep asking me to subscribe even when I have paid plus it says prescription cannot restore? Plus, the Numark controller ns4fx does not work for some reason as well.
Please help going live soon

Hi @John_Blanchard, are you still experiencing this issue? We’ve heard reports of problems with the Microsoft Store over the weekend.

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Hi again @John_Blanchard, please check your subscription status at If the issue persists, please send me your user ID via DM so we can check in the backend. Thanks!

DM and user name received and forwarded to the engineering team for further review.

Do you know when they will look into this? I have a gig Wednesday night.

@John_Blanchard the team is already looking into this. Hopefully we will have more news tomorrow, but I can’t say for sure. In the meantime, what did it say exactly when you checked your subscription status with the link above?

Hi @John_Blanchard, the team has reviewed your account and this seems to be an issue on the Microsoft side. In the meantime, while this gets addressed on the backend, we have granted you a 1 week promotional license so you should be fine for your gig tomorrow. Please test and let me know. Thanks!

Hi all, I have the same issue. Can you help me, please? Thanks.

Hi @Jozsef, please check your subscription status at Take screenshots of your account status and please send them along with your user ID to me via DM so we can check in the backend. Thanks!

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Thanks for your fast reply, I will send it to you soon. Sorry for my very beginner question: how can I send you a DM? :smiley:

Will you all contact Microsoft or do I

Hi @John_Blanchard, our support team is working with Microsoft directly. Thanks!

Will I get notified when the issue is resolved?

I’ll post here when it’s been fully resolved. In the meantime we granted you a 1-week license so it should be working. Please confirm if it is not.

SInce you activated the pro subscription it works great. Thank you. Now just need it to be completely fixed

Excellent. Thanks for letting me know. We have an open ticket directly with Microsoft so hopefully they’ll be able to address this quickly.

I have not heard from anyone. Do you know or can you check on the status for me?

It’s still being worked on with Microsoft. We’ve extended your license until the issue is resolved. I’ll report back here when I have news. Thanks.

Hi @Jozsef and @John_Blanchard, this issue has been resolved. Thanks!

@Slak_Jaw thank you, it seems, it properly works.