It blows my MIND ……. (Sample Looping)

how’s it possible with all of the internal effects processing AND having Neural Micx built in—-HOW IS IT POSSIBLE that you can not loop samples that you import…… it forces you to have to use Ableton and that can be unreal pain in the ass—-Will this ever change?

Hi @Chris_Nichols,

Thanks for reaching out and welcome to our Community!

It sounds like you’re using djay Pro AI on Mac and/or iOS. Have you already tried out the Sampler sequencer functionality for recording short loops with your samples?

If this isn’t what you’re looking for, could you please share a little more about what you’d like to see in djay as well as what you’d like to be able to do with that functionality? Having a clearer picture of your desired outcome will allow me to better help you out, or at least let our Dev Team know what you’d like to see.

Thanks in advance, and looking forward to your reply! :raised_hands: