It's been YEARS and no update to the Mac software?Is it dead or not...?

If they don’t update by end of summer. I’m switching to Cross.

As already mentioned, we have big plans for djay for Mac. We just cannot give you an ETA at this time.

Not at all, I/we think it’s a very good sign that we have such loyal customers. We do not want and will not disappoint you.

And that was nearly a year ago that you mentioned that.

Do you blame your customers for being upset? You have released iPhone versions and iPad versions… But DJ’s use Mac’s to SUPPORT themselves through dj’ing. Many, if not most don’t use iPhones or iPads to dj with.

The BIG problem is, you say there will be a release AT SOME POINT but who knows if it will properly support the top controllers, who knows if it will have cutting edge features like the others (Traktor, VDJ and PCDJ Dex 3). It could be YEARS of waiting for nothing…

If you are a toy software company for bedroom dj’s, please say so! If not, you may want to throw is a bone…

The fact that it takes YEARS to do ANYTHING with this software is mind boggling.

But there are limits to loyalty. Years to create a product is not fair to your customers. Loyalty is one thing, taking advantage is another. At this point, you are taking advantage of loyal customers for not days, not weeks, not months but YEARS.

Again, taking advantage.

Michel, dJay for Mac was released in 2011… since then ZERO updates.

No controller updates, no software updates, no improvements, no enhancements…

How patient do we have to be? IT’s BEEN YEARS!

its not dead just not as profitable as the ios version so it has become less priority to the powers that be.

Just be a little patient :slight_smile: Im sure they will come up with a great update! And hopefully also supporting older controllers like N4, because mapping it by myself isn’t getting me somewhere :stuck_out_tongue:

I will move to cross DJ.