It's time for Clock functions in Djay Pro (actual time, expected time in cue list)

I would very much appreciate a decent visable (realtime) clock in Djay Pro.
As a DJ, I need to know the time, on screen, not by looking on my phone or wristwatch. No, the current tiny display of the actual time in the upper right corner of the screen is not visable at night. Make it a user-selected option: size, type or none.

Also, in the Playing Cue, display of the calculated moment in time (XX:XX) a certain track will be played would be very handy. I know these functions from former DJ-software as DiscoXT (which was great but no longer supported).

I like Djay Pro very much for its professional look and feel and features and robustness, but small improvements are still to be desired.

Also, Pre Cueing in both internal and external mixer mode should be working the same way: by clicking left to the titel of a track, regardless where: in library or cuelist.

Thanks for Djay Pro, surprise all of us with your improvements.