iTunes failed to sync and deleted all songs from iPad

Now I only have one song that I purched on the iPad and the U2 album in the cloud :wink:

iTunes won’t sync now and I don’t know what to do?

I know this is not related to DJay but I don’t use music on the iPad in other ways than with DJay. And thought someone here might have experienced something similar and know how to fix it?


iTunes questions are sort of related to djay so don’t worry about it. If we can help, feel free to post any “related” questions in our forum.

I think Victor’s suggestion is a good start. Another thing you can try is to manually manage your music:

Thanks, will try that!

Wish there was a general/off topic section to this forum…

Thanks Warren!

Just to follow up, I unchecked all playlists, artists, albums etc then unchecked the main ‘Sync Music’ check box, synced the iPad and now I’m syncing it again and it’s copying tracks over so all seems fine.

Guess I will have to re-analyze songs for BPM, but at least now I know how to do that many songs in one go, last time I did it song by song by loading them onto the turntables, haha!

EDIT: The BPMs were all still there, yay!

You’re right this is not a Algoriddim topic :wink:
However I have had the same problems. Didn’t find a real solution other than removing all music (uncheck the Syncbox in itunes) and putting it all on again after that.
Also be advised that sometimes it takes very long for itunes to start syncing. B patient and don’t abort.
There are topics on this issue on Apple support pages as well.