iTunes folder on another harddrive

I moved my iTunes folder to an external harddrive which works fine so far. But I cannot convince/inform Djay about the new location. Is that not possible? Any ideas how I can solve that problem?

one idea: has anyone replaced the iTunes folder in the home folder successfully with an alias pointing to another harddrive? I don’t dare so…

thanks a lot! regards - kai.

What happens when you load a song in djay?

Please open Finder and go /Music/iTunes/. How old is the “iTunes Music Library.xml” file?

Open Finder and browse to one of your songs. Click on it and press the space bar. Can you see the artwork?

Hey Kai,

djay 4 uses Quicklook to retrieve artworks just like Finder.
This seems to be a common issue currently and I honestly don’t know what is causing this. So far, I only found one workaround:

  • Create a new User account on your Mac
  • “Rebuild” your iTunes Music library for this account
  • Use djay under this account

It’s definitely an issue with Quicklook but I’m not sure if this only occurs on Mountain Lion.
Did you do a “clean install” when you upgraded to Mountain Lion?

Got your email by the way, thanks.

hi warren,
thanks for your fast reply! I noticed meanwhile that djay can locate the files.
but 2 things don’t work properly:
djay still thinks I am using the normal location of the iTunes folder in the home folder and puts it’s data in this folder. I can live with that…
and djay does not load covers anymore. which is for me a problem of sorts since I need this visual feedback.
regards - kai.

I just now replaced the original iTunes folder in my home directory with an alias pointing to the iTunes folder on my external drive. seems to work with iTunes and djay.
but the covers are still now showing up.

confusing update: I copied the whole itunes folder back to the original place. reassigned it to itunes. quit. started djay. still no covers!!!

what about the covers?

nope. (that is strange…)

hi warren - why did you ask about the finder space bar thing? is there a problem with my system since I don’t see a cover then? I have all my cover inside the music file. also I cleaned up cache and pref files regarding quicklook. I am on 10.8.1.
thanks for your help!

it is updated every time I change something in itunes


hi warren,
thanks for your reply!
the solution is not on want to do on a regular basis. so I have not tried it.
is this a mountain lion issue?
best regards - kai

hi warren I would like to send you an console log via email. could you pls let me know you email?

ok. I read this:…
but I did do a clean install coming from lion and then migrating user data from a timemachine backup

sorry. this is an ancient thread :frowning:

wow. there are lots of site which report this. please read the last entry on that page:…
that must be it.

well. I just sit back and wait for apple to fix this then…

any news warren?