iTunes Home Sharing and djay

Music app in my ipad can be fed from my computer through home sharing, shared library. I want to feed ipad djay using the same concept: access my computer’s library through home sharing or wi fi from djay installed in my ipad and use my computers playlists. Is this possible? Storage capability is limited on my ipad and have 230+ gb of music in my pc, so i want to use djay in the ipad, fed through home sharing and airplay it in my apple tv, leaving the computer safely locked up in my bedroom. Is this possible?

Subsribing to iTunes Match would enable the OP to do what he wants to a large degree. Not perfect but a decent solution surely?

djay can only access the device’s local music library.

Third-party apps, such as djay, have no access to iTunes Home Sharing.

i don’t want to download music from my computer to ipad, for that i have wireless sync form itunes. what i want to do is stream via HOME SHARING, from itunes on my pc, through wi fi, to my ipad, and play that music on djay on my ipad

Given that a lot of people are going to use this at home, doesn’t it make sense to add this feature… Since it is a real pain to keep resyncing audio from your existing audio especially if you suddenly have a great mix idea and the track you want is not on the ipad :slight_smile: Since home sharing is available through the basic music player it should not be a technical impossibility.

I know the idea is to sell new tunes through the itunes store, but these are mostly Dj’s you are selling to and they have vast catalogs of music they want toaccess

Here is a better idea allow the syncing of the music from a shared source inside the app. That way Dj’s can build their sets sync the music they need and then go off to the gig… Simples…

Bad Apple spoils the Ipad

Yes it make sense. With a iPad 16, and a AirPort , you CAN acces all the music in your computer that could be not in your little iPad . Even if using your iPad for other Thing than music.

Plus you cant buy music on the go unless you know exactly what you are looking for because pre-listening on the itunes store is forced on the master out.

too bad! thats the drawbacks of a closed tightly controlled environment…

We need the home sharing feature to work on this!!!

I bought this app thinking this was possible.
How can I get a refund?

Apple doesn’t allow home sharing on third party apps… unfortunately.

That’s what I want too but unfortunately Apple doesn’t allow homesharing on 3rd party applications.

It wouldn’t necessarily because the the OP has to store the music on his device and the goal here, I believe, is not to do so.

I have a suggestion for you, it doesn’t quiet solve your problem but you can mix streamed music! And that suggestion is a free app called Pacemaker.
If Algoriddim sorted out what people want I wouldn’t be making this suggestion and why is the quality so bad. I have a DJ app that is near perfect quality even on my old iPhone 4! It supports iPad 1 with the same quality. And that ones free as well and you don’t need an 64bit processor to support pitch shifting!
The only thing that’s happened with djay lately is they found a new way to get more money out of people by sticking a bit of colour on there app and putting a 2 on the end…
Come on Algoriddim, you’ve dropped the ball!

Agreed - I have massive library of music available on my PC. I didn’t buy it thru itunes. Much of it was ripped from my own CD collection. iTunes Match cost $24/year that I shouldn’t have to pay.

Has anyone done iTunes Match with DJay?

Do you have to go to itunes, download to iPad then go back to djay or does everything you have in match show up in your local catalog and then get streamed or downloaded when you want to access it thru DJay?
Homeshare is great! I use it with my iphone and ipad to listen to what I want to, when I want to… anywhere in my home.

DJay with no homeshare… not so great.

If I am mixing on the fly and limited to only what I can store on my ipad this is a great hindrance to the creative process. If Djay could do Homeshare then I would be happy.

Looking for the same thing. Home sharing for djay. We have had some great nights with friends coming round each connecting to my Amp via Apple TV. Just there is no mixing between tunes. Thought this ap was the answer. No different to friends coming round and putting their own records on a set of decks a little while back. Now in the 21st century, what’s stopping us? Come on Apple

I did have this exact setup working when I first bought my ipad2 and djay.
Sadly, the setup was lost in an update to either the OS or the DJAy app.
Unfortunately, I no longer use my Djay app.

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Access to Home Sharing.

How do I access my music on ipad via Home sharing from my PC. Obviously no one can download their music to ipad as a) takes too long b) how do you know what you want and c) the space it consumes.

For sure, I couldn’t have put it better.

the old one was so good, i basically just trusted djay"2" would be that much better : (

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iTunes shared library.

Is it possible or could it be possible to access iTunes shared library?