Itunes is discontinued how to export mixes

Now that iTunes is discontinued, I can’t find the Djay mixes. Pop up says use iTunes. How do I find and export from the iPad.

Hi @TO13,

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Below you will find a FAQ on how to export your recorded mixes in djay for iOS.

How do I record and export my mixes on djay Pro AI for iOS?

Thank you so much. I know I can load a newly recorded mix into DJAY but is there a way to load earlier mixes into Djay Pro from the iPad or to I have to export to a Mac and then import into DJAY?

Hi @TO13,

Are you looking to record a mix on your iPad and then play back that same previously recorded iPad mix on your Mac?

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Nathaniel, I figured it out. Thanks so much…Algo is spectacularly amazing

Just wanted to update this thread and let everyone know that this original dialogue box has been removed as to avoid confusion since there is already a share sheet/icon available next to stored recordings in the app.

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