iTunes Library question...

I’ve read that Djay can’t run a library directly from an external hard drive - am I right in thinking that Djay will use whatever library is currently in use by iTunes?

In other words, if I create an iTunes library on an external drive and set my iTunes to use that library, will Djay use the library that is loaded in to iTunes at the point of Djay loading up?

…ok, I tested this - I created a library on an external drive, option-clicked iTunes to select that library - the songs loaded into iTunes as expected, I then opened Djay and tried to analyse the library but got an error about the song not being in ‘users,[user],music/iTunes’ - therefore, the location is hard-coded.

It would be really useful to be able to select a new library location within Djay - I don’t want to have all of my music on my internal drive as it would eat up too much space.

I’m going to try drag and drop from the external drive - but this will bypass a lot of functionality such as song analysis and the played/not played marker.