iTunes Library Refresh

Is there a way to refresh the itunes library in Djay. I’m trying to make a mix and I’m adjusting start and stop times, but I have to close and relaunch DJ every time I make a change to a song in order for Djay to reflect that change. Is there a way that I can change a start time for a song and have Djay do some type of refresh to reflect that change?

Hi Clifton,

Please try the following:

  1. load the song on the left deck
  2. select “Table-1” > “Cue Points” > “Reset Cue Points”

So I found the Refresh library option but its a bit kluge. I can refresh but the one song I’m working with never updates the start and stop times. I’ve taken it out of my playlist and the refresh reflects that. I removed the start and stop times on the song in iTunes, did a refresh in Djay, but the start and stop times are still applied. I even unchecked use the start and stop time option in the Djay preferences and the song still has them applied. I’ve closed out of iTunes and Djay and relaunched, but Djay still has the legacy start and stop times applied when none are applied in iTunes.