iTunes library to Djay library?

How do I get my entire iTunes library to show up on the Djay library. I have 10,000 songs in iTunes and only 154 song on Djay. Please advise? Thanks!

Hi Ricardo,

The most common cause for this issue is an old “iTunes Music Library.xml” file.
Please open Finder and go to -/Music/iTunes and check how old the xml file is.

Hi Ricardo,

Please send an email to If you have a Skype account, please provide that as well.

We can help you troubleshoot and get your library up and running (hopefully :)).

My iTunes music Library is old, (2006-2011) I just took it out of my iPod Classic and added it to my new macbook pro iTunes library. The 154 songs that come up on the Djay library were recents song that I just transferred from a flash drive. I really like this app is there any way I can have my entire library in the Djay app? Thanks for your help!