iTunes library won't load.

I just updated my mac to Monterrey from catalina (never used big sur).

I purchased djay pro from the app store years ago. I’m not currently on the subscription. Am I going to have to download the new version and pay the monthly fee to fix this? Screen Shot 2021-11-05 at 9.13.59 AM|690x417

Can those songs themselves play on your new iTunes?

The songs will play in djay if I search them and add them to the deck. The kids Resy just isn’t showing

Hi @Andrew_Clingan,

Thanks for reaching out about this. From your screenshot, it looks like you’re using djay Pro 1, which is unfortunately not supported on macOS versions Catalina (10.15) and newer. You can find more details about macOS compatibility in our FAQ:

For this reason, since you said you upgraded your Mac recently to the new Monterey (12) OS, this is probably why your iTunes playlists aren’t showing in djay Pro 1 anymore as expected.

What I would suggest is that you download our newest DJ app, djay Pro AI for Mac, on your Mac and start using that moving forward. The app may have changed a bit from the older one, but it still includes all of the functionality you’re used to as well. When you download and install the app, it should recognize and connect with your iTunes library, and show all of the playlists you have there in the iTunes library source.

Let me know if you have any other questions. I’m happy to help. :headphones:

Kinda didn’t want to have to swap over to a subscription model.

Depending on the features you need in djay, you can always download the free version of djay Pro AI and see if that meets your needs. Again, due to the macOS compatibility issues, unfortunately djay Pro 1 (now one of our legacy apps) doesn’t work properly with the new Monterey macOS.

For more details about the difference between the free version and the PRO subscription, please check out our FAQ:

Thanks for your understanding and happy mixing! :musical_note:

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