ITunes list simply does not refresh

Hi I’m using Mac OS Sierra 10.12.6 and DJAY pro 1.4.4.
I change my playlist in iTunes and it doesn’t update in DJAY pro. I only use bought tunes AND videos and not Apple Music tracks.
This is really driving me NUTS!!!
I have 160 tracks in my library and it is only showing 60 in DEJAY Pro.
Please help.

OK, so I found the issue with this and I’m not averse to eating humble pie.
The reason for only so many songs appearing was due to iTunes adding DRM to some of my tunes and nothing to do with Djay Pro.
Not sure why this happened but I initially created my playlist on my iPad and it worked OK with Djay Pro on said iPad. I then used my iMac with Djay Pro and opened iTunes, it was then that either an update or something to do with Match or Apple Music then changed some of my tunes to “Protected”. I found this out by adding the column “Kind” to the music list. Anyhoo, I deleted all of the offending tunes from my library and then re-downloaded them, they came back in as “Purchased” and I can now see them in Djay Pro.