iTunes Match Alternative

I’ve been using iTunes Match for a few years now to store and manage my local music library. This way I can access tracks and playlists with iPhone and iPad and, as long as the tracks are downloaded to the device, I can also use this with Djay Pro AI.
Since the introduction of Apple Music, there have been rumors that Apple would discontinue iTunes Match. So far, this is not really concrete, but nevertheless I am already thinking about whether and what alternatives there are.
So I’m looking for a service that offers similar possibilities:

  • Sync and upload local music library to the cloud.
  • Creation of playlists and sync on all connected devices
  • Ability to integrate and use those same playlists in Djay Pro AI

The last point is probably the one that makes the choice the most difficult. Of course, it can be a paid offering as long as it works for me.
Maybe someone here has some ideas about this … anyway, thanks already for relevant advice on this! :slight_smile:

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Please keep me in the loop on what you find! I have used iTunes Match since it started and can’t find anything comparable.