iTunes Match

If I look into iTunes on my iPad or iPhone, I see a full list of all 7,000 tracks in my iTunes Match. Because of limited storage, I don’t keep tracks on my iOS devices, just stream them when needed. But it appears there’s a copy of the music directory on the local device, otherwise I would think the track list would load more slowly.

I would have thought dj2 could simply read the local directory list, let me pick the desired tracks, then play the selections - which would cause iTunes Match to download them. No?

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Hi Michael,

3rd-party apps such as djay have no direct access to iCloud songs, neither can djay trigger a download automatically. This is why you have to download them first before you can use them with djay.

This sucks donkeys! A big boot up the bum for BOTH Apple and Algoriddm! What kind of “integration” is this? esp. when the ad copy touts “iTunes” AND “iCloud” integration. Apple should make some kind of API available to access MY songs in iCloud, which I’m paying for yearly (in addition to original purchase costs, mostly CDs!). Algoriddm should either interface to such an API, or simply provide a GUI for iTunes itself, and I guess that would be another level of API? I’ve been working with computers all my life, for many decades, and I deeply resent such “Balkanization”. No, I don’t want to buy yet another service, such as Spotify, which IIRC is not available to me in Quebec, Canada, anyway. I’ll let the steam out of my ears now…