Itunes Music Location - how to delete folder location

So i recently migrated my music to a hard drive.

I added the new folder location to the “iTunes music locations:” but the previous folder location is still listed and cannot delete it. DJ pro still looks for music tracks on this old folder.

I only see the option to add a folder, not remove.

How can i remove the extra location? this is driving me crazy.

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Are you referring to the iTunes Music folder?

If you added a new iTunes Music folder please make sure to delete the old one.
You can follow these steps on “How to remove a folder from a Library in Windows 10” in order to do so:

I have the same problem and it drives me crazy too. There are thausends of useless songs in my library because I can not delete/remove the folders in the library setting. Am I stupid or is the remove button missing? Even a new installation of djay pro does not solve the problem.

Dear support-team of algoriddim, please help us!!!