iTunes not integrating

Why Do I keep getting a

“Track not available: Track cannot be played because it is not available error”

for every song in my iTunes Library when i try to load them. It will analyse them and is seeing the playlists and metadata but refuses to actually load any of the Tracks.

Got fed up and moved my iTunes media folder back to the default location but to no avail.

I am currently running the demo version of Djay pro for windows and would like to purchase but feel i need to resolve this first.

Any workaround that anyone is aware of would be greatly appreciated.

If it were that easy I wouldn’t have posted here. Already tried that

See attachment below

In advance go down to copy files to iTunes media then put a check in the box then go to next box share iTunes lib XML wth other apps put a check in the box then go to down and click on ok and you good it should load after restart your computer

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