Itunes Playlists and Spotify playlists


Mostly i use Spotify with Djay pro on my iPad, however when the wireless is weak in certain places where i play, i go back to iTunes playlists and i play from there.
Well, obviously i have like 700 tracks on iTunes playlists and about 7000 on Spotify playlists. Time after time, when i brought a track to add to my iTunes playlist, i go to Spotify and search it to add to a playlist on Spotify.
The thing is that all my ‘physical’ tracks that i have in iTunes, i have on spotify stream in a special list i call Spotify backup, wish means when i don’t have a good signal strength i know i could jump to iTunes tab and play.
Last week, on my laptop, i went to file>import playlists> iTunes. Every thing went well on the laptop. I thought that will happen the same on the iPad since that my again ‘physical’ music is there. I know there are some tracks greyed out on my laptop, cause Spotify don’t has it, or it shows is a Local file, till here all good.
My problem is that after i import all my iTunes playlists on Spotify, my iPad ( and a wait to sync a good amount of time ) doesn’t show the tracks, any track, just say No Songs, but off course they are there on iTunes, i know that. To me is a very simple way to not change every time i don’t have wi-fi, have all my songs (My Music and Spotify)in one place or in one sided playlists. Hopping i’ve explained myself, if its to confused, i attach a pic that tries to explain better my issue…
Thanks in advance…


Please note that you can create playlists with iTunes and Spotify tracks directly in djay for iOS.

Lukas E.


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Here are all about iTunes playlist and Spotify playlists. No matter you’d like to transfer music playlists from iTunes to Spotify or Spotify to iTunes, there are some effective ways for you to make it possible with ease.
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Thanks for the tips. As an iTunes fan who has subscribed to the Spotify music. I’d like to put all my songs together.
And I am really glad that I found this tutorial.
So in this case I have downloaded Spotify Music Downloader for Mac to convert Spotify songs to MP3 for importing to iTunes.
Now I enjoy all my songs in one place.