itunes Songs not loading (OS Error -54) is getting out of hand these days...

OSX 10.13.6
DJ Pro 2.09

This error and not being able to load songs in my itunes library is becoming really problematic.

Come on guys, I see this issue pop up for over 2 YEARS now.

Can you please shed some light on what’s going on with that?

I apologize for the harsh tone but between having to rely on weak internet and the Spotify content not being able to be pre-downloaded/buffered and then NOT even being able to playback my own, purchased iTunes content, I mean, what’s left?

Please advise…

btw, the crazy thing is that all those songs load if I put them in the cue list and then try to load them from there!

It looks like some sort of corruption of the internal database of DJ pro. Please advise what you would need to get to the bottom of this.