ITunes Wifi Sync from Laptop to iPad (working solution)

Hi folks, i have recently taken up dj’ing and have done a few partys using the iDJ Pro. One problem that i found was people asking for requests, im not really into taking requests but as it was paid gigs i thought i had to deal with the issue.

Anyway, i set about looking to see how, with the use of a laptop i could transfer songs from my external hd to the ipad, having only found one solution, the use of a wireless hd and using the “open in” feature with third party software. I had a think and have come up with a working solution.

I had an old netgear router handy so after a bit of headache laptop/wifi issues i got the laptop and the ipad to both connect to it (no internet access required), i turned the ipad wifi sync feature on in itunes, put the ipad into idjay pro, and after some teething issues (restarting itunes service) the ipad finally showed up in itunes, so whilst playing a track i transferred a song and within 5secs i could pick that song from the djay app library…brilliant, no issues with interferance during transfer.

Still needs a bit more testing but should eventually be able to get access to those tracks that are not pre-loaded into my ipad.

Thanks for posting this idea Lee.

Yes, this should be no problem as long as you don’t delete the app.

Thanks warren, had another go today, i again had to restart the itunes and bonjour service for the ipad to appear in itunes, might work better if the laptop is restarted as I never shut it down. I guess a few people might be worried about having wifi enabled but I have yet to see a problem with it.

I went through a routine when setting up, router on, laptop on, itunes started, ipad on, took a minute or so for itunes to find ipad, had to restart the service once in windows, after that it was just a case of turning power saver stuff off on laptop (itunes open, screensaver off etc). The songs uploaded to ipad in seconds, loaded song in djay deck, let it scan it, then it was good to go,. Only with with itunes was having to add the file but that took seconds, you can also add tags before song is uploaded to the ipad.

This is a very elegant solution actually, Lee. I really like it. I bet that having your little closed WiFi network might have some other benefits as well (maybe like using your iPhone as a remote mixed in the setup, in case that’s handy sometimes).  Thanks for sharing this. I’m going to test this out at home.


Warren, i’m assuming your answer is an emphatic “Yes, of course!”, but just to double check: when you juggle sets of songs in and out of your iTunes library on the iPad, then Djay2 will always continue to remember anything related to those songs, even when they are (temporarily) removed from the iPad, right? I’m thinking about BMP, key, cue points, etc.