does djay play nicely with itunes 11?
and are the covers back?

Hi iTurtle,

Yes, we’ve encountered no issues so far with djay for Mac and iTunes 11. Just make sure to restart your Mac after updating iTunes.

The issue with the covers will be fixed with the next djay for Mac update. The beta version can already be downloaded and tested here:…

Please send an email to

no one?

hi warren,
thanks for your reply!
I am quite upset about the responses or lack of in the forum an twitter.I keep asking about the cover issue and the beta version (which does solve the problem in demo mode) regularly. but often there is no reply or for many days nothing from you guys. I know you are working hard on the apps. but it still is frustrating to not know what is going on.
so again I am asking for a serial or some workaround to make the beta2 run normally on my computer. I bought the app store version which has no serial. I am even prepared to buy it again to get a serial. would it work? how to activate the beta? please?