I've never enjoyed my music as much as with day2 for iPhone, but it could be even better with these features!

Dear algoriddim,

A truly life changing product.

I’m a gym instructor (not the day job, unfortunately) and used to use SmartPlayer for my music. When I got my apple watch, I saw that djay2 for iPhone was free. It’s the best money I’ve ever spent:) I’ve gone completely gaga for it! Rather than stop start music, now there’s a continuous mix. No time for rest and recuperation, I’m putting in 10% more calories into my classes than I ever did. Wow, just wow!

It’d be a 6* app if you added the following:)

  1. target bpm on AutoMix. At the moment, djay the bpm of the first track sets the tempo for all other tracks. I’d like to be able to say start the first tract at 128bpm, and let djay2 take it from there.

  2. being able to choose the first track from a playlist in automix, not just the playlist (although this can be done by priming the queue with the first track)

  3. option in automix to define track mixing by number of beats, rather than just time. So instead of 20 seconds before the end, give me a mix of 10 seconds, I want 32 beats before the end of the current track give me 16 beats of mix.

  4. give the equivalent of on the second screen on the apple watch (currently, the Music app can do this, but not djay2)

  5. scrobble the tracks played to last.fm

  6. make the automix more visible in portrait mode

Loving djay2 for iPhone

Thanks for the great app.

Thank you for sharing these ideas, Jon! We’ll definitely have an eye on them!