Jog seek with ordinary rotary controller?

Good day!

Was trying to implement a poor-DJ Jog wheel with a midi fighter twister rotary knob.
Seems to work a bit, I can accurately position a track, using velocity sensitive 3Fh/41h.
But it is not very smooth and while seeking no audio is audible.

It does the job, but is it possible to make it nicer?

>>> Edit: Use of ‘scratch’ iso seek produces audio, good morning … :slight_smile:

Thanks and cheers, Bart.

@Brainbox you should try installing the Midi Fighter Utility from DJ TechTools on your computer and connecting your Twister. I believe there are some settings in the Utility to increase the resolution of the encoders. This might help, but then again it might not. Encoders aren’t really meant to be used as jog wheels.

@Slak_Jaw , thank you!

Yes, there are more accurate settings, but these don’t have the velocity sensitivity.
But I have to again play with it a bit to find the best after I found out that ‘scratch’ is the way to go, ‘scratch’ behaves very differently regarding track movement dynamics as compared to ‘seek’.

And also yes, it is suboptimal but also kind of fun to be able to do everything at home with just the midi twister.

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Update, problem or bug and maybe of interest to others trying something similar.

Best seems to be these settings:

Midi Fighter Twister:

  • Sensitivity, Velocity Sensitive
  • Encoder Midi Type, ENC 3Fh/41h.


  • Deck X, action ‘scratch (no touch detection)’
  • Control type Rotary (3Fh/41h)
  • Adjust speed and response for convenient control (25% speed, 75% reaction for me)

But sometimes the deck gets blocked, maybe after too passionate turning left / right.
In that case, Deck X play/pause and Deck X scratch stop working.
After moving the track with the mouse a bit, play/pause works again but the scratch stays blocked until DJay is restarted, i.e. set can continue with reduced functionality.

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