Jog Wheel Mapping Numark 4Trak

Can someone please give me information on how to map my touch-sensitive jog wheels? I own a Numark 4trak… I currently use my we-go 2 but I would like to use my larger controller…

Hi guys,

The 4Trak is not natively supported. Still you can find further insights on mapping and also adjusting a mapping (especially the Jog Wheels) in our Manual:…

Did you find any solution for this?

Thank you. I have also a pretty good mapping on this site, but not for the jog wheels, i will try yours. Thank you!

Hi, i have no problem with loading tracks without having it autoplay. There is a seeting in djay pro in the preferences… where you can turn of autoplay. can this be the problem?

I am interested as well. Did you managed to get the jog wheels to work?

Thanks in advance.


I fixed it myself. Maybe not 100% perfect, but working good enough. You can download my mapping here:

So somehow I cant force this mapping when I plug my 4trak in. What exactly did you do for the jog wheels?

I’ve submitted a request to their support team to see if they can provide any insight. Hoping they can help cover the jog wheel dilemma we all seem to have. Did anyone figure out how to get the “load selected track” to deck 1 or 2 without actually starting the song? 

Ah yes Of course! I believe I turned it on for the automix . Will check when I’m home. Good call, thank you.

Quickly replying that it was the settings I had messed around with. That has been resolved now. Thank you.