Jog Wheels not scratching DDJ FLX4


I am using the DDJ FLX4 connecting via bluetooth - the jog wheels on my controller do not seem to work on the ipad app

Currently when in use it does not scratch at all it just pauses the music

Is this a settings issue? the controller scratches normally on other softwares like rekordbox

@wt10001 you can double check the MIDI assignment quite easily to confirm if it’s mapped correctly. Follow the images below. I’m using a Reloop Mixon 8 Pro as an example, but yours should read something like Pioneer DDJ-FLX4.

  1. Once you’re inside the MIDI Learn Tool, touch and rotate the Deck 1 jogwheel to pull up the MIDI assignment for it.
  2. Make sure the Action is set to Scratch for both Deck 1 and Deck 2.
  3. Test it out and see if that solves your issue.

Hi thanks for getting back @Slak_Jaw

Yes it seems like it’s set to scratch at the moment

I did a little bit of googling - does this have anything to do with vinyl mode?

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@wt10001 it could. However, the FLX4 doesn’t have a vinyl/cdj mode button. Also when this mode is engaged touching the top of the jog wheel doesn’t stop the track. Basically it acts like when you are nudging the track using only the sides of the jog wheel. In this mode the track will continue playing when you touch and rotate the jog wheel and will temporary speed up or slow down the song.

@wt10001 can you please share some screen shots of your MIDI mapping for the jog wheels? Also can you confirm if there’s a vinyl mode button on your hardware?

@wt10001 okay, I pulled up the FLX4 manual and it looks like in Serato you can turn Vinyl Mode ON/OFF by pressing SHIFT+Loop Out. You could try this in djay, but it’s possible this is not MIDI mapped. Anyway, give that a try to see if it works. If not, let me know and I can guide you through the process of MIDI Mapping Vinyl Mode in djay.

here are my settings, thanks for checking!

The shift out doesn’t seem to work either

@wt10001 okay thanks. That looks correct. Here’s how to MIDI map the Vinyl Mode button.

  1. Go back into the MIDI Learn Tool.
  2. Press and hold SHIFT while pressing Loop Out on Deck 1.
  3. Check to see if this is already mapped to a function. If so, take a screen shot and share it.
  4. If not, map it to Toggle Jog Pitch Bend Mode for Deck 1.
  5. Do the same for the Deck 2 Loop Out button, but be sure the set the Target to Deck 2 instead of 1.
  6. Note that this is a Toggle function to switch between Vinyl Mode and CDJ Mode. One mode is for Pitch Bending and the other for Scratching. So press it once and test the jog wheel while the track is playing to see if it scratches or pitch bends. Press it again to switch to the other mode.

Hey @Slak_Jaw

Have added the midi configuration but doesn’t seem to be it

@wt10001 very strange. You said the jogwheels work as expected with Rekordbox? This makes me think it has something to do with connecting via Bluetooth. Do you have a USB-C iPad or Lightning connector iPad? Have you tried connecting the FLX4 to the iPad via USB cable instead of Bluetooth?

Also I noticed that there’s a firmware update on the Pioneer Website for the FLX4. Are you running the latest firmware?

this worked for me. #Shift Loop Out!
Thank you!!!

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You’re welcome @Ni_Nyaberi. Thanks for the update.