Jogwheel behavior change since upgrade w/ Numark Platinum FX

Since the newest upgrade to the newest DJAY Pro AI app with the new automix stuff, the behavior of the mapping for the Numark Platinum FX jogwheels is to be a needle search. Causing the track to jump around uncontrollably. This mapping is now unusalbe on both the IPAD and Mac versions of the software.

My other controllers do not do this but as this is my favorite controller this is a problem.
I see no options in the software to change the jogwheel behavior. So I cant scratch or nudge in the software now.

I saw that too. I thought I broke something. It was easy to update in MIDI settings though. with the midi menu open, spin the jog wheel, then the affected line will be highlighted. Then change the drop - down item to pitch bend.

I was able to mostly fix it.
So the main jogwheel behavior is back to jog wheel movement without touch = pitch bend
jog wheel movement with touch = scratch. So its very usable. The shift key and jogwheel no longer does needle search, but I can live with that.

Thanks for the tip.

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