Just a quick question about the DJ app.

Does anyone know if your email can be connected to the DJ app? I’ve had the app for years on the Kindle Fire. The app hasn’t been available on the Kindle and I just want to take the settings that I have to another tablet.

Now that’s a good feature request if I’ve ever seen one - config preferences being saved to a file/profile for portability/backup.
If it doesn’t exist, it should. two thumbs up.

Be nice if cue points worked like this too. I set up a whole load the other day but had to switch device and they were obviously not there anymore. I did look inside the apps files to see if I could find a file that might be where the cues were stored but no luck unfortunately.

cue points is more a metadata thing…that travels with the actual audio file…
but again, another avenue of development that I can get behind!

Oh, I see. I use Tidal so I never actually have the tracks stored on my device. When I load the same tracks on the same device, the cues are there. When I load the same track using the same tidal account on a different device, the cues are missing. This makes me think that the cues are stored on the device itself.

How does Tidal see your cue points?
(It doesn’t)
as you’ve seen they’re local data…which is clearly cached somewhere
how to get that to travel with you between systems is the issue, which fits very nicely with the settings/config file(s) request from the OP.
I’m sure this is all possible. It’s a good feature request…but its best made in the appropriate spot