Just found & love the super easy decks sampling for custom sample packs

I just discovered how fun and easy it is to create samples into custom sample packs! This is great for me because when I play a set I’ll often tease a recognizable bit of the next track into a break of the current track. It keeps excitement going when crowd hears a known snippet of what’s coming.

I use to be confined to doing this entirely with hot cues which is both limiting on amount of cues and is hard to stop before the music plays after just the part I want to sample. Now I can load up just the samples for a set and play at will.

Even better is that it’s possible isolate samples with the Neural AI engine so cutting out beats for a vocal sample only or just a popular synth stab is possible. Without percussion it’s a lot easier to slip in a sample that doesn’t clash with beats of current song. Shout out again to the devs at Algoriddim who nail the details in a truly complex and flexible technology.


  • Load a track(s) into a deck(s) and then cue the location(s) you want the sample to start
  • Show the Sampler/Loops section and select the Sampler Pack menu and choose the upper right + icon to create a new pack; give the pack a name
  • With the pencil edit icon activated, select icon in one of the empty sampler spaces
  • Select the 1 or 2 deck icons at the button of the menu that appears and the track will record immediately (can also record via computer microphone via the mic icon)
  • Rename (or delete and try again)

The samples are ready for playback any time by hitting its virtual pad.

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This is a great feature which I hadn’t really explored before. Unfortunately it seems like you cannot sync the sample pack you create with your other devices. Is there a way to do that??