Just noise on tracks from Tidal

Hi… I’ve just had the most unpleasant experience in years as a DJ during an event. I had to use Tidal since Spotify is not working anymore. I checked everything, from internet quality in the venue to tidal’s way of working on DJ Pro. I did that for a whole week and everything worked just fine, including during soundcheck. A few minutes before the party started, I decided to do another fast sound check and to my desperate surprise, all tracks from Tidal were loading on the decks and available for cues, BUT playing nothing else than NOISE. I use DJPro for Windows. What happened? How to be sure that it doesn’t happen anymore? It’s so fruatrating… Right now, I honestly don’t feel secure to use DJPro anymore… By the way, I had a lot of mp3 files as a plan B and I had to come up with new sets during the event and couldn’t play a lot of songs that I wanted to…

Hi @Carlos_Jannarelli, Welcome to our Community. I’m really sorry to hear about your experience with using TIDAL in djay Pro, especially during your event.

So we can take a closer look into this, could you please tell us the following:

  1. Are you using the most up-to-date version of djay Pro available in the Microsoft Store?
  2. Was this a one-time occurrence, or have you been able to reproduce the same “noise” again since this issue occurred? If you’re able to reproduce it, or if it has persisted since your event, is there anything at all that might have changed from the week leading up to the event which may be a potential cause for this (e.g., change in audio setup, speaker/audio settings, Windows sytem updates, cables used in your DJ setup, etc.)?
  3. Could you describe in more detail what the “noise” was? And did the noise occur while the tracks were playing on djay Pro’s decks, or did it occur also when nothing was playing in djay?

Thanks in advance for the additional information.

Hi @Emily!

Well, let´s see.

  1. I was usining (still am) the version 1.0.27708.0 and Microsoft Store doesn´t show the update buttom.
  2. It only happened during the event. I did a lot of tests over the week previous to the event and it was ok. I tested it over soundcheck (using the same internet signal I had over the event) and it was working just fine as well. On the day after the event, I tested it and It worked ok. I tested today and it´s working fine.
    2.1. During the event, I still used DJay Pro but with mp3 files that I have on my hard drive. So, I´m sure it has nothing to do with audio setup, speakers, cables, or settings. I thought it could be related to the internet connection, but it worked during soundcheck and I tested the internet during the event by playing tidal´s playlist on my cell phone (which was the source of the internet signal).
  3. The noise was like when a TV Channel went “off air” in the old days. Something like static. It was not occuring when nothing was played and it didn´t occur while I was using the mp3 files. It only happend while using tidal´s songs, both on the speakers and the phones (cue).

Hi @Carlos_Jannarelli,

Thanks for sharing the additional information. That’s helpful to understand your experience in more detail.

I’ve checked with our technical team, and unfortunately since we haven’t been able to reproduce this issue on our devices here, and since it only seemed to happen that one time during the event, it will be difficult to determine exactly what might have gone wrong here. It’s possible this had something to do with the quality of TIDAL tracks being used (e.g., HiFi, etc.) and the audio setup during the event. However, it’s not clear from the given information what exactly caused the issue.

I really hope it doesn’t happen again, but if it does, please let us know so that we can investigate further.