Karafun (Karaoke) integration

It would be great if there was a way to integrate the streaming Karaoke service “Karafun” with DJay Pro. Seamless transition between Karaoke and Dance Music would be great.

Hi @joemccnnll,

Thank you for posting your suggestion!

Would you like to see this integration similar to how we have Ableton Link in djay PRO AI for macOS?

I’m not all that familiar with the Ableton Link, but from what i’ve briefly
read about it, it would probably work, as long as there were no latency
issues. The music would have to match the word progression on the screen.

Thanks for the follow-up @joemccnnll,

It is really appreciated so that we can understand how to possibly implement a feature like this.

I will update this thread with any new information regarding this suggestion!

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On the Tidal app, you can display the lyrics for a song as it’s playing. This might be asking a bit much, but would it be possible for Djay Pro to display a song’s lyrics whilst the song plays?

One thing I love about Djay Pro is how versatile it is. Of course, it’s great for straight up 2 decks DJing (classic mode). Tidal integration means that I can cover a much larger music range more easily. Automix is amazing and I’ve used it for everything from a quiet get-together with friends where we have a nice add-your-own-music playlist. Being able to use it on an iPad (or phone!) means it can be used anywhere. So anyway, I’m always trying to find different ways to use it

So, karaoke. I’ve used Djay as a mini-karaoke system before - just use neuralmix to turn down vocals to ~25% (try it, it’s better than a pure instrumental track for karaoke IMO). But it’s a little difficult without the lyrics in front of you sometimes.

Do you think it might also be possible to display the song’s lyrics on the video screen? Or even if it was subtitles on a video? I guess most songs people will want to sing in karaoke will have a video …


You would have to make a library of karaoke lyric videos…to start.

I’ve suggested that video out displays the file metadata (track name, artist, album) together with visualizers a few years ago. As we know, it has not been implemented yet. Certain audiences may be pleased with that kind of info.
Your request goes almost in the same direction.
Let’s hope they hear from us! @NathanielAlgo


I would think that for a software application to be all things to all potential customers could prove at least difficult for the developers, and I’m inclined to believe that djay pro is for people who use it as club-type DJs- running karaoke at the local pub is something completely different than spinning/mixing/beat matching dance tracks at the club, and might require a different piece of software/type of code…hint hint, algoriddim devs: maybe djay could have that functionality, but djay pro probably doesn’t need it :wink:

Hey Dude, happy to know you do not work at Algoriddim!
This thread is for people who would like to see that function implemented.
If you don’t, just leave it.

I’m afraid you misunderstood my post: I’m encouraging algoriddim to spin off an appropriate product for you so that the core functionality as it stands now in djay pro remains the same.
I’ve seen companies completely mess up a good product by including a similar functionality that -seems- like an easy fit for an existing product, but ends up completely ruining the functionality of both “modes”.
so, be careful what you wish for: you may just get it.

Hah, because the only way people DJ is in a club environment of course …

I don’t think it is massively different. Not asking for the world, just if it’s possible to get lyrics from e.g. Tidal, or just show the subtitles on music videos (if available), that would do the trick. No new functionality, just literally - if this data is already available then having the option to display it would be useful.

Likewise with @tchesco’s suggestion, he’s not asking for loads of new things - just have the option to display any metadata that is already there because there are some scenarios where this would be useful.

It isn’t massively different…but karaoke requires mic inputs, something not altogether common in the “club environment”, so you’re asking for analog to digital conversion, mixing capability, video feed(s)…modern computers can handle all of that, of course, but the codebase is rather different. adding it into djay as it stands may make djay somewhat less stable and/or more convoluted. This is why I suggested a fork to a different, more optimised or specialised piece of software, a completely “different” app, not an all-in-one/jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none solution.
Would you be happy if, to transform djay into a karaoke platform, you would have to lose NeuralMix so that you would NEED karaoke tracks? or the sample/loop player? or both? and possibly more?
This is why I’m saying a fork is likely best.

(NeuralMix is already a stand-alone app…perhaps for the ability to remove vocals from tracks off-line so that they CAN be used with an interface with a mic input in djay to accomplish a karaoke system. I’ve never used it, but I surmise it will be a significantly more flexible/configurable/capable version than the feature in djay)

I’m completely prepared to be wrong about this, but in my 30+ yrs in audio/music/performance, any time a new and different core functionality is stitched on to an existing well-functioning piece of software to appease a certain type of user, ALL users experience problems. I’m also not suggesting that the algoriddim devs aren’t capable of making it happen, I’m just saying that just because they can, doesn’t mean they should. So again, be careful what you wish for

Hi @Algy_Taylor,

Thanks so much for the suggestion!

While this is not a currently supported feature within any iteration of djay, I will make sure to pass this along to our dev team for continued feedback.

Additionally, I will be merging this thread into a pre-existing one on the same topic found here.

Have a great day!

This could work, if it’s implemented as a source like Tidal or Beatport; all tracks would be audio with video (lyrics), and djay can handle both. I say go for it @algoriddim
hey @Algy_Taylor and @tchesco - it might not be as difficult as I had thought. and definitely not as threatening to the stability/core functionality.

Midi sequencing was the core function of Emagic’s Logic software, that i paid usd 800 around 25 years ago.
Last week, the same software brand allowed me to produce an entire track in pro quality on my Ipad without a single external piece of gear, if i wish.
If they had got stuck with their core functions, they would certainly not be bought to be on Apple portfolio nowadays.
Regarding processing power, unlike Final Cut Pro, Logic for i Pad demands “just” A12 Chip. It proudly and honestly dismiss the power of M1’s.
So, i prefer to concentrate on how to overcome potential problems to achieve something than spend most time pointing what these problems may be. I believe Algoriddim devs do the same.
Integration is key. No turning back. Adapt or be out of the game, someone said more than 150 years ago.