Karaoke mode for Djay Pro?

On the Tidal app, you can display the lyrics for a song as it’s playing. This might be asking a bit much, but would it be possible for Djay Pro to display a song’s lyrics whilst the song plays?

One thing I love about Djay Pro is how versatile it is. Of course, it’s great for straight up 2 decks DJing (classic mode). Tidal integration means that I can cover a much larger music range more easily. Automix is amazing and I’ve used it for everything from a quiet get-together with friends where we have a nice add-your-own-music playlist. Being able to use it on an iPad (or phone!) means it can be used anywhere. So anyway, I’m always trying to find different ways to use it

So, karaoke. I’ve used Djay as a mini-karaoke system before - just use neuralmix to turn down vocals to ~25% (try it, it’s better than a pure instrumental track for karaoke IMO). But it’s a little difficult without the lyrics in front of you sometimes.

Do you think it might also be possible to display the song’s lyrics on the video screen? Or even if it was subtitles on a video? I guess most songs people will want to sing in karaoke will have a video …


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