Karaoke support should be added to your program to provide a complete DJ program.

I dj using spotify and a karaoke program and if your program had karaoke support as well this would provide me with so much improvement to my dj shows. Add it to where your program knows its a karaoke file and when you queue the song it prompts for a singers name.

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Oh my… they can’t even get the program right… It works but there are bugs that they can’t find fixes to.

If you look real close, the waveform to some tracks will be off my as much as a beat or two to the actual music. Some waveforms end before the tracks ends.

I have provided pictures, video, etc… and the response is that they can’t find the problem.

So, let’s get the program working right first.

Please DON’T add karaoke support!!!

I think this request is going to get very popular as DJ’s realise the potential of DJay Pro - I ditched VDJ to go Serato… now ditching Serato to go DJAY PRO & 2 (On iPad) hurry up with the karaoke support, look at how Serato do it, it’s great on their platform, could make DJAY PRO complete

I’m pretty sure it’s months away from perfection but that’s just me

I wish Karafun was implemented in the Djay Pro App. Would pay extra for that.

Karafun plus DJ Pro is what I use… VDJ song selection is horrible


Hi Montrae Guy,
Off topic but please help.
what would you use in a new karaoke and live music business between Virtual Dj Pro subscription plus unlimited music and karaoke content or KaraFun plus djay Pro.

Any update on if djay pro will support karaoke? I would definitely buy the software if it supported karaoke and/or youtube search?

Karafun does not always have the best karaoke versions, actually some are horrible. Best karaoke songs are made by Sunfly Karaoke, Essential Karaoke and Soundchoice. If you can get a a hold of those songs then you are golden!
VDJ is definitely the best karaoke software out there, Karafun is not compared… Let’s see if Djay pro comes to the rescue eventually