Keep losing audio feed to monitors

Hello all!

I have a reloop mixtour along with a pair JBL 305 MKII running on DJ Pro AI (3.1.4) on MacBook (Catalina). Problem I’m facing is that everytime I want to record a mix, I get to about minute 5 or 6 of the first track playing and then I lose the audio feed first to one monitor shortly after, the second monitor. Audio still comes through on cue to headphones.

I have changed all cables. I have also ran the software without controller and monitors and don’t encounter this problem when not hooked up. I have also updated to the most recent version of DJ Pro.

Any help is much appreciated!

user @Max_Merrifield encountered the same in April 2020 but that thread has no replies and has been closed. @Max_Merrifield , how did you solve the problem of audio dropping out in the middle of your set?

@Guillermo @DanM

Any support is much appreciated especially now that I have purchased a year long subscription to your service.


Hi @laith89,

Thanks for posting in our community.

Could you please upload here a picture of your djay PRO AI audio-device preferences? Simply press CMD+"," and go to Devices. Please take a screenshot of these settings. Are you currently running internal or external mixer mode?

Does the audio only stop if you try to record a mix?

What controller are you currently using and what outputs of it are you currently connecting your speakers to?

Hope to hear from you again.


Running internal mixer mode.

Audio stops while I’m recording and while not recording (arranging tracks)

Using a reload mixtour, output dual RCA to dual trs.

thanks G


Hi @laith89,

Thanks for the additional information.

It looks like you have everything set up correctly in the software. Furthermore, this:

makes me think that the audio is stopping due to some hardware error. This does not seem to be related to the software.

I’d encourage you to reach out to the Reloop Support Team.

Let us know if you have any further questions about djay.


thanks, will do. hopefully they will resolve it or else I’ll have to cancel subscription if possible.

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