Keeping files synced between ios and cloud

Hi all,

For those who play with files, as opposed to streaming services, what is the workflow you use to get the files you want on the iPhone or iPad?

I have always used iTunes for syncing in the past, but it’s a pain as it means opening a laptop. I’d ideally like to have my tunes in a folder in some kind of cloud service, and for that to automatically sync to my phone and ipad without me having to do anything manual.

However every service I try to use to do this, (e.g. dropbox, google drive, icloud, Readdle documents) the files are “hidden” within that app’s file structure and can’t be accessed from Djay.

I’m interested to know if anyone has found a way around this?


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I mainly stream, but find that using iCloud to sync the ‘files’ app between my iPhone/Mac/iPad works pretty well.

For example, I can add a file from my Mac to iCloud. On my iPad I can then locate the song/folder of songs from Djay. In the music library I click on the ‘files’ folder and link it from there.

I suppose the only down side to this is that it is not synced. So each time you add a song to the folder, you would have to manually link it in djay.

I‘m in a similar boat and have concluded that local syncing via iTunes/ is the best way forward. It sucks that this is not cloud-based but it‘s a process that works reliably.

I wouldn’t recommend iCloud because iOS decided for itself which files it wants to keep downloaded so there‘s no guarantee that a file that has been downloaded before will be available when you need it.

iTunes Match is also not a good choice because songs went „grey“ in djay and for me way too often to consider this exclusively.

These are both really helpful replies. Thanks so much! Good to know it’s not only me then.

I love iOS as a platform but the file system still is a bit immature - I’m sure it will improve in the coming years.


Your iCloud automatically gets rid of files?

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