Key Analysis usually wrong for Spotify

I’ve noticed that key analyzation for Spotify is wrong most of the time (compared to the same track listed in Beatport). Strangely, when I download the same track into my iTunes library from Beatport or iTunes, Djay analyzes the key correctly. Any chance you could fix the key analysis in Spotify?

same here, and the Spotify integration is the main reason I decided to try djay pro .

if I have to use mp3 files, I think I will better use traktor, Serato or similar ones.

very annoying

Hi Andy, that sound weird to me. I have been using Djay Pro for 2 years and around 100 gigs and always working on Spotify with no beat analysis issues at all.
Does the auto synchro works well on your device though ?

@Andy, I have passed your point to development team. Let’s see what they return.
@Anadalin, Traktor and Serato do not have this issue since they do not have any cloud music integration like Djay and Spotify…
By the way I just replied a question you raised about importing cue point in another Algoriddim forum…
best regards…Roger

Hi there,

the Spotify information is provided by Spotify. After loading the Track into djay our analysation is done.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Can you tell me which Spotify track would apply to this, so we can reproduce the issue at our office?

Thank you in advance.

Lukas E.

Both Spotify and djay Pro’s key analysis are incorrect almost half of the time, and I don’t understand why the user can’t manually change the key information, just the way you can with BPM.

It seems like a fairly easy feature to add.

What am I missing?

No problems with synchronization for me at all, whether working within the program or with a controller. It’s Djay’s info about what key the song is in that seems to be incorrect in Spotify a lot of the time.

If you stay within Spotify you won’t notice any problems with key analysis. But if you happen to have a copy of the same song downloaded locally and loaded through itunes, and then also loaded thru Spotify, quite often Djay will interpret the key of the song differently. Even though it’s the exact same song.

When I’ve checked those interpretations against how the song is listed on Beatport, Beatport’s key info seems to usually correspond with the Djay analysis of the itunes version, bit not Spotify’s. Very weird.

Same issue here (iPad version of DJ Pro).

The Spotify key is incorrect for just about every track I have.

Example: Nick Curly - Second Lick (Original Mix)

Spotify: G
DJ Pro: A
RekordBox: A
Beatport: A

How can I disable Spotify from providing key info? I’d like DJ Pro to determine the key instead.

Thank you in advance. Cheers.

But the one from Spotify still says G (DJ Pro analyzed it; DJ Pro has played it, too).

The one from iTunes still says A (DJ Pro analyzed it; DJ Pro has played it, too).

The 2 files are identical. They’ve both been analyzed by DJ Pro. Yet, the issue remains.

It does not appear that DJ Pro’s analysis changes the key provided by Spotify. I have never seen it change, personally. But, BPM can (and often does) change after DJ Pro’s analysis.

Again, this issue is not limited to the above-mentioned track: the majority of tracks I have from iTunes and analyzed by DJ Pro show a different key than identical tracks from Spotify and analyzed by DJ Pro.

Thank you for your time. Cheers.