Key, bpm analysis not stored to db

Macbook pro 15" retina, 16Gb, 512ssd, i7

  1. create a long playlist on spotify ( about 2h playlist)
    select songs which are not on your music collection

  2. import the playlist on spotify

To be able to analyze spotify songs and store the data to db

  1. create manual 1min -2 min automix for the playlist

  2. let the automix rolling

  3. when the playlist is long enough, let the automix rolling until display is shut down and you are logged off
    => music is still playing

  4. login again, you can see that songs have been played but bpm and keys are not stored to db ie fields are “empty”

  5. clear the automix playlist

  6. add the songs which have been played, but no bpm/keys shown back to manual automix

  7. when the song are loaded from queue to desk, the bpm and key are shown almost shown almost instantly

So I guess that the bpm and keys are in “memory” but not stored to db?

Is there any other way to get spotify songs to be analyzed faster?

Hi there,

we are very sorry but pre analysing Spotify songs is not possible.

If you have any questions or suggestions, or if you would like further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  

At least there is a workaround, when owly or caffeine kind of app can be used to force the macbookpro not to go sleep :wink:

So what I did, when going to sleep create a huge automix playlist and on the morning the files were analyzed.

During the daytime, it looks like spotify servers can’t provide good enough data upload to provide fast (<1 min automix) to get songs to be analyzed.

But at least some kind of workaround found, although 12h with high quality will use good amount of memory :smiley: