Key component missing from djay v4.1?

Is there a mapping guide for djay v4.1 and Vestax Typhoon? I’ve looked at the “Using MIDI controllers” article in djay’s in-app help section. It’s generally helpful, but it doesn’t provide the translation necessary between the terms that describe functions on the Typhoon and the terms that describe functions in djay’s software.

I appreciate the offer, but–I’m such a noob–it would almost be easier to tell you the things for which I don’t need a translation (like play, crossfade, EQ, etc.).

But figuring out how the FX translates (since it seems to be binary for algoriddim and more multifaceted fro the Typhoon), or what the two functions that pop up for the wheel (I’d presume one is scratch and one is jog, but which is which?).

Loop set on Typhoon (and the - and + buttons) maps to what on algoriddim?

Just for starters.


If you have any specific questions, please simply post them here and I’ll try to answer as best as I can.