Key errors/ mid-song 🔑changes ignored/ suggestion

Hey there, whilst applauding Algoriddim’s features (with a need to see bugs ironed-out without delay - even manual corrections) the key analysis needs to be correct/ or manually correctable.

Song metadata lends itself to a single key identifiers, but for backing track purposes it needs to as fluid as the song.

Until the software is 100%, what are others doing to double check the analysis? I know Logic Pro X, Mixed In Key does it, KeyFinder just a BSc project … zero obligation to get it right.


Thank you for getting in touch. Could you share some examples of key changing songs? That would help us a lot.

I’d say most songs change keys at least one, except for genre specifics/anthems/ electronica. Usually - but not always - one up.

C for Cm below.

Given the Key Change additions, the song -and genre- analysis becomes even more important, some genres feature key bending.
Screenshot 2021-03-26 at 6.21.42 AM

Another example massive key transfers returning to A.

Real-time complete song analysis (Not just 1st Verse/ Chorus) analysis will save the day. Back checking to sheets/midi if necessary/ other software to complete.
Screenshot 2021-03-26 at 6.43.04 AM

Starts in C, moves away, returns.

At the moment we are not supporting variable key information. Key changes are very specific to genres, while Yacht Rock appears to have certain key shifting towards a solo and sometimes shifts back to the previous key, electronic tracks are sometimes not changing the key at all.

We will take in your feedback and want to thank you for it. Also it would be nice if other users share their feedback towards the topic.

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