Key light problem with DDJ-T1

  • Device model (MacBook Pro 14" M3 16GB RAM):
  • Version of operating system (macOS Sonoma 14.3.1):
  • Version of djay (v5.1.7):
  • Hardware/controllers used (Pioneer DDJ-T1):

Hello everyone, I use Pioneer DDJ-T1 with DJay. I have mapped some MIDI IN and MIDI OUT controls. All is well, but I have a problem. While I was using both and pressing the SHIFT key from DDJ-T1, some keys’s lights were closing. I have recorded this situation. I need help.

Hi @n421m, thanks for the video outlining your issue. This is very helpful.

  1. Can you please share some screenshots of some of the buttons you’ve MIDI mapped with the Advance Control Configuration section and Advanced MIDI Out Configuration section expanded?
  2. In your SHIFT layer MIDI Mappings are you also trying to map LEDs? If so, I recommend that you do not add MIDI Out to your SHIFT layer MIDI commands.
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I have recorded a new video. After, I demonstrated advanced control Configuration and Advanced MIDI Out Configuration to the “FX Enabled 1” button as an example. Also, I have mapped to MIDI Out control for LEDs. But the same.

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Thanks for the additional info @n421m. The mapping looks correct to me. Can you please confirm that you do not have LED MIDI Out mappings for the SHIFT functions? In the meantime, I have forwarded this to the engineering team to see if they can reproduce the issue and offer any suggestions. I’ll report back here when I have news. Thanks!

Hi again @n421m, I just spoke with the engineering team. Firstly, please note that we don’t officially support the DDJ-T1 and don’t have access to one for testing so the suggestion that follows is a bit of a guess. Most likely this is a hardware issue/limitation.

However, here’s a potential workaround you can try:

  1. It looks like the DDJ-T1 forgets the LED state when you press the SHIFT button, so there’s likely a flaw in how SHIFT is built into the hardware. We can’t change that, so we have to avoid using the hardware SHIFT button and think of something else.
  2. You can chose another available button on your hardware that sends MIDI that you don’t need (consider using the Tempo Range or the Filter button) and map that button to General>Controller Shift Key.
  3. Now this button is a SHIFT button, but it’s not handled by the hardware and instead by djay. Therefore it shouldn’t suffer from the LED flaw you’re experiencing.

Please test and confirm if this works. Thanks!


I think too, DDJ-T1 is an old DJ controller, so you’re right about SHIFT controls.


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