Key lock on android

When will key lock be available on all android devices as the cross dj app allows this so I do not understand why this cannot be available, the only reason why I use the DJAY 2 app is for spotify integration. If this is not added very soon then I will be using cross dj, please sort this out very soon as you have been saying the same thing for the past couple of years.

Useless app. Just got the Galaxy Fold and I thought this would be the perfect app to use on the move. The UI is half missing, and still no key lock. Will have to stick to iPad

Too bad that this feature is only for nexus. I switched phone to Huawei P10 and now the app is pretty useless without the key lock. Can’t we test a beta version to see how it’s handled in my new phone?

FWIW… This could be as simple as adding the feature with a toggle in setting marked “beta”. That way if someone’s HW/SW was incompatible, they could disable the feature. Or make it only available at a certain Android version level. Most newer devices should be able to handle this.

Hi David Lammas,

thank you for your feedback. We understand that Key Lock is an essential feature of a DJ app and needs to be integrated. At the moment the Nexus series are the only devices with it due to performance issues with the intense range of different HW/SW Android solutions.

We are thankful for your feedback and I pushed your post internally, please note that Key Lock expansion to a broader range of Android devices is a bullet point on our agenda.

Lukas E.

Hi guys,

Thank you for all your feedback.

I pushed the topic internally, we are aware of the user demand for a general key lock solution for Android devices.

We are very sorry that we so far did not provide an overall applicable solution.

Lukas E.

Switched from iPhone to android only to find out my Huawei p20 lacks the feature that was the only reason I used the app for dance classes to slow the tempo down. Bye bye djay

Hi, has there been any update on this? Do you have eta for releasing this functionality? Is there a way to download the ‘Nexus version’ at our own risk? If so, can you please share a link to the apk file here?

Is this still on the agenda? Switched to Android rendering it unusable for my purposes

Are we still working on this
Or is this just a useless app now?

i am a developer and i am still waiting the technical reason to that issue.
What’s the matter to CHECK if the device is multicore?
IF you can’t do that, please, could you release a LIST of RECENT devices (smartphone and tablet) where the MASTER TEMPO is available?
i tested it also on a ONEPLUS 8-core and it’s still not AVAILABLE.

i am also a dance teacher and, yes, it’s bad

The last Nexus device was released in 2016!
Virtually all smartphones have quad core now. Other apps have no
Problem with the time stretcher.

They obviously only care for apple.

It’s crazy that this issue has been open for 3 years!!! Come on guys. You’ve already done it for nexus, but that device is old and crap. Just release it for the rest!

I downloaded it on a nexus 7 tablet. Key-lock works there but it’s too slow to use properly compared to a modern tablet. I exported the APK and tried to run it on a 2019 tablet, but the app doesnt start properly, it hangs on a white “starting” screen.