Key setting & button bugs

I am a beginner DJ and I’m trying to learn on my DDJ SB3 and Ipad Pro. I am subscribed to Pro version and everything was fine until 2 weeks ago.

  1. You guys changed the key settings to major/minor instead of the previous Camelot setting. Can you guys provide an option for users to choose? I’m not musically knowledgable so it is WAY easier to use the Camelot setting.
  2. I am experiencing alot of bugs in the new update, especially when i use the Browse knob on my DDJ. It is not working, as well as the Load button on both decks. Whenever i turn the knob or click the Load button, there are no response on the app. I had no issues like this before this update.
  3. Turning the Browse knob leads to my screen bouncing up and down instead of browsing through my songs; no response whenever I click the Load button.

This is very frustrating. Please fix this ASAP.